Dialect of Bihor

When in the county of Bihor there are a number of words and pronunciation changes you might here. Some of the dialect is a direct influence of the strong Hungarian presence there. This dialect is especially spoken in Villages by the elderly and small children. It doesn't have a very noble status in society and educated people do not use it even if they know it. I do not encourage the learner to try to speak this way, the purpose of this page is only to aid in comprehension. In my experience, dialect speakers understand standard fine, so you do not have to imitate it to be understood.

The following is a list of words that are used in dialect:

Dialect = Standard = English

Hiribă(hiribii) = cartof = potato
acii = aici = here
acule = acolo= there
io = eu = I
treabă = trebuie = it is necesary
acsibild (acsibilde) = abțibild = sticker
așe = așa = thus/so
vaiog (vaioage)= ? = brick
ida (also "idar") = așa = thus/so
colac = cozonac = marbled cake made on special occassions
tængy = porumb = corn
musai = "e obligatoriu" = it's a must
amu = acum = now
clisă = slănină = fatty pork rind / fat ("ai clisă pe tine")
a se bărbieri = a se rade = to shave
jumări = slănină prăjită = fried pork rinds
gagică = prietenă = girl friend(love interest)
îs = sînt = (they/there) are (don't forget -s)
na = ei = "well..."

The following are words you might hear that came from Hungarian:
hat = "well..."
oblac = window
șötyic = dark
musai = must

The following are Hungarian words/phrases you ought to know:
Tudod? = you know?
érted? = Do you understand?
Tessék? = poftim?
igen = yes
nem = no
köszönöm = thank you (often shortened to kösz or köszi)

Good slang to know:
Nașpa = lousy, horrible
Nasol = lousy, horrible
mișto = "cool!"
marfă = "awesome!"
beton = awesome
aiurea = pointless, B.S.
țapăn = "cool!"

These words are not entirely polite, but neither are they vulgar. The mildest are as neutral as "cool!" and the harshest rate about as crass as "crap!". For actual curse words see the Alternative Dictionaries available online. You won't learn them from us.

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