About the Authors

Daniel Carter (left) is a 2001 graduate of North Carolina State University with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a minor in French. Apart from designing language-based web pages, he enjoys singing, playing the classical guitar, and knitting toaster cozies. He is also a card-carrying member of the hand modeling union.

Justin Churchill (right) is a 2001 graduate from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a bachelor's degree in German and a minor in Computer Science. His interests include language study, art, and tracking the movements of the Sasquatch. Justin also takes great pride in his speling abilities. Currently, he is being held for questioning by the US Government concerning his 2-year IM correspondence with Saddam Hussein - "Hey, we just both like classic hotrods and organic gardening!"

Both authors have been to Romania twice on missions trips with Christ Covenant church in Matthews, North Carolina and lived in western Romania for nine months (November 2001 - July 2002).

See a slideshow of pictures taken in 1998 (8.30.01)

See the slideshow of our pictures from our 9-month stay in Romania (4.18.02)


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