Basic Travel Romanian

If you have been navigating this site already, you may have noticed that it is intended more for those who want to learn the whole language and not just bits and pieces. However, most English speakers only want to know a few words and phrases and are not as interested in the grammar. This page was made with the intention of giving the traveler or church trip taker all the essentials.


English Romanian Pronunciation
Good day! (when in doubt use this) Bună Ziua BOO-nuh ZEE-wah
Good Morning! Bună dimineața BOO-nuh dee-mee-NYAH-tsah
Good Evening Bună seara BOO-nuh SYAH-rah
Good Night (only said when going to bed) Noapte bună NWAHP-teh BOO-nuh
Hey! See ya! Servus, Ceau SEHR-voos, chow
NOTE: "Servus" and "ceau" are informal (so don't say them to cops) and they mean both "hello" and "good-bye".

Conversational Basics

English Romanian Pronunciation
How are you? (informal) Ce mai faci? cheh my fahch?
How are you? (formal) Ce mai faceți? cheh my fah-chets?
Fine. Bine. BEE-neh
Thank you Mulțumesc mool-tsoo-mesk
You're welcome Cu plăcere coo pluh-cheh-reh
Yes Da dah
No Nu noo
Nice to meet you Imi pare bine um PAH-reh BEE-neh
I'm sorry Imi pare rau um PAH-reh row
I am... Sunt... sunt
...happy ...fericit (men)
...fericită (women)
...sick ...bolnav (men)
...bolnavă (women)
...angry ...supărat (men)
...supărată (women)
...tired ...obosit (men)
...obosită (women)
I am lost. M-am rătăcit. mahm ruh-tuh-cheet
Where is the... Unde este... OOHN-deh YES-teh
...the train station? ...gara? gah-rah
...the bathroom? ...toaleta? twah-LET-ah
...the hotel? ...hotelul? hoh-TEL-ool
I have lost my... Mi-am pierdut... mee-ahm pyehr-DOOT
...glasses. ...ochelarii. OH-keh-LAHR-ee
...wallet. ...portofelul. POR-toh-FEL-ool

Talking on the Phone

English Romanian Pronunciation
Hello Bună ziua BOO-nuh ZEE-wah
This is Mr. Smith. Domnul Smith la telefon. DOHM-nul Smith lah teh-leh-fohn
This is Ms. Smith. Doamna Smith la telefon. DWAHM-nah Smith lah teh-leh-fohn
I would like to talk with Mr. Popescu. Aș vrea să vorbesc cu Domnul Popescu. ahsh vra suh vor-besk coo DOHM-nul Pop-ES-coo

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