Test 8: Past Tense

Translate the following into Romanian using the compound past:

  1. I ate.
  2. He whispered.
  3. We drank coffee.
  4. They ran after the car. (masculine)
  5. She went to school.
  6. They came yesterday. (feminine)
  7. You received letters. (plural)
  8. We did nothing.
  9. You had a dog. (singular)
  10. I said nothing. (use "spune" or "zice")

  1. (Eu) am mîncat.
  2. (El) a șoptit.
  3. (Noi) am băut cafea.
  4. (Ei) au alergat după mașina.
  5. (Ea) a mers la școală.
  6. (Ele) au venit ieri.
  7. Ați primit scrisori.
  8. (Noi) n-am făcut nimic.
  9. Ai avut un cîine.
  10. (Eu) N-am spus nimic.

You may note the personal pronouns are in parenthesis. Everything in parenthesis is optional. You can leave it out if you want, but you may need it to specify gender or number, or to otherwise stress to the doer of the action.
For example: Eu am băut cafeaua. I drank the coffee (and not somebody else).

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