Test 3: Basic Verbs

This page of exercises will test your knowledge of subject pronouns (Lesson 2) and basic verb conjugations (Lesson 3). It might be a bit dry, but this is the starting point for everything you will learn here.

Translate the following:

1. Eu știu
2. El nu merge
3. Voi sunteți
4. El are
5. Ei nu vorbesc
6. Tu ești
7. Noi avem
8. Voi nu știți
9. Eu sunt
10. Ele merg

11. I go
12. He is
13. We speak
14. You don't have
15. She knows
16. They are not
17. He has
18. I am speaking
19. She doesn't know
20. We are not going

21. Eu nu știu unde mergeți.
22. El are o prietenă.
23. știi dacă este cu voi?
24. Eu merg la cinemă daca nu știu unde este.
25. Nu-i problemă!

26. They have a book.
27. I don't know if you(pl) have a book.
28. We are speaking with them.
29. They are with him.
30. She knows where we are.


1. I know
2. He is not going, he doesn't go
3. You are (plural)
4. He has
5. They (m) aren't speaking, they (m) don't speak
6. You are (singular)
7. We have
8. You don't know (pl)
9. I am
10. They (f) are going, they (f) go

11. Eu merg
12. El este
13. Noi vorbim
14. Tu nu ai
15. Ea știe
16. Ei nu sunt, Ele nu sunt
17. El are
18. Eu vorbesc
19. Ea nu știe
20. Noi nu mergem

21. I don't know where you (pl) are going.
22. He has a friend (f).
23. Do you (s) know if he is with you (pl)?
24. I'm going to the cinema if I don't know where he is.
25. No problem!

26. Ei au o carte.
27. Nu știu dacă aveți o carte.
28. Noi vorbim cu ei.
29. Ei sunt cu el.
30. Ea știe unde suntem.

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