Romanian Characters on HTML

I received a question concerning the application of Romanian characters to web pages. Since this was a problem for us when we started this site, I thought I would show you how we do it in case any one of you would like to.

1) At the top of your HTML document, insert the following tag: <META charset=iso-8859-2>
This tells the browser which character set you will be using.

2) To type each character, enter the following key sequence when you are typing in your text editor.

Key = ALT + 0227
Key = ALT + 0186
Key = ALT + 0254
Key = ALT + 0226
Key = ALT + 0238

The characters that these key sequences create in your text editor will look funny, but they should look like the Romanian characters once you open it up in an internet browser window.

Thanks to Dan Igna for inspiring this topic. Hope this is helpful for a few of you.
Good luck,

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