Lesson 7: Future

The future tense in Romanian can be constructed in three different ways, or avoided like the plague/potholes/Al Gore for those of us with lesser linguistic abilities. If you would still like to use it, the constructions are:
1. present tense + time expression
2. 'o' + subjunctive
3. conjugation of "voi" + verb infinitive
Confused? Don't worry, we don't expect you to understand yet! Just keep reading....

1. Present Tense + Time Expression

Here is an example of what we're talking about.
Mergem la Salonta mîine dimineață. We're going to Salonta tomorrow morning.
Prietenul meu vine din munți poimîine. My friend is coming from the mountains the day after tomorrow.

You can see that the verbs (in bold face) are conjugated in the present tense, but the time expressions that follow imply the future tense. Here are some more time expressions that can be used:

mîine tomorrow
poimîine day after tomorrow
răspoimîine 3 days after today
mîine dimineață tomorrow morning
acuma seara tonight
săptămâna viitoare next week
luna viitoare next month
anul viitor next year
mîine seară tomorrow evening
seara asta tonight, this evening

2. 'O' + Subjunctive

Another way to form the future is by combining 'o' and the subjunctive. For example:
O să bem apă minerală la casa lui Victor. We will drink mineral water at Victor's house.
O să vezi tu însuți cînd vine. You will see for yourself when he comes.
Nu știm dacă o să vină și ea. We don't know if she's coming too.

3. Conjugation of "Voi" plus verb infinitive 

The third way to form the future is by using "voi", a form of the verb meaning "to want"(much like english "I will do this").
Below you will find the conjugation of "voi" needed for the future tense:

eu voi
tu vei
el, ea va
noi vom
voi veți
ei vor

The verb infinitive for "to see" is "a vedea". The 'a' before the word is like the 'to' in english verb infinitves ("to see"). The 'a' may be ignored for now, all we need is voi + vedea. See the examples below.

Voi vedea filmul poimîine. I will see the movie the day after tomorrow.
Nelu va vedea luna plină. Nelu will see the full moon.
Va veni și Marta. Marta will come too.
Nelu și Lidia vor fi la biserică astăzi. Nelu and Lidia will be at church today.

Words in this Lesson

biserică church
lună moon
film movie
apă minerală mineral water
munți mountains
prieten friend (male)

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