Lesson 2: Subject Pronouns

The English subject pronouns ( I, you, he, we, etc.) are the same in Romanian. The only exception is that Romanian, like the other Romance languages, has a singular and plural "you" form. See the following list:





el, ea

he, she




you (pl)

ei, ele

they (m), they (f)


1. The subject pronoun is not normally used before the verb in spoken Romanian. However, it can be used to show emphasis.
El merge la cinema. He is going to the cinema. (As opposed to someone else going)

2. If there is a group of masculine and feminine nouns, it is referred to by the subject pronoun ei.
Nelu și Lidia sunt aici. Nelu and Lidia are here.
Ei sunt aici. They are here.

3. If a person wishes to address someone in a formal tone, the speaker would use the subject pronoun dumneavoastră. This pronoun is conjugated the same as voi.

Words in this Lesson

aici here
la to, at


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